Holi and Bollywood

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Bhang, Colors, white dresses, drums, song and dance…..blend all these together and what you get is colorful recipe called holibolly (that’s Holi in Bollywood). Frankly can you imagine Holi in Hindi films without any of these? I dedicate this recipe to Bollywood that has portrayed the mood of Holi time and again.

Holi is the only festival in India where one has the open rights to flirt and do all the nasty things. And it’s the Bhang (I shall call it the energy drink) that sets the mood right. It’s only after gulping down glasses of Bhang, the hero of film gets charged up to get up close with his heroine. Don’t agree with me? What propelled Amitabh to flirt ? Bhang! Again it’s the Bhang that increased the energy levels of sh…sh….sh shahrukh and he scared the hell out of Juhi in Darr. Hope you are convinced now.

What’s Holi without colors? Heaps of colors spread out on the ground make an integral part of the Holi song. And then there are these junior artists who would throw colors in air and kick these heaps of colors to kick off the song. In any other song sequence hero and heroine would have a different costume and the all the other artist would have the same dress code. But what about the dress code for the Holi song? As we know Holi is a festival of unity. So everyone has the same dress code. Though this rarely happens in real life but in reel life if it’s Holi everyone has to be in white dress. Don’t ask me why. Guess it’s more fun to splash colors on white dress. Have you ever seen a heroine with lots of color of her clothes and body especially her face? Naah. Have you gone Insane? Why would she spoil her make up? Sadly it’s only the heroes whom we see with lots of colors over their body and the heroine always has very small patches of color here and there….not fair haan….

Now we have put in Bhang, colors, white dress remaining to be added is drums, song and dance. In India, celebrations cannot be complete without songs….Songs are the essential part of celebrations in Indian culture. Bollywood caught this nerve and there was time when a films success was decided on the success of its music. Films did cash on the Holi songs and till date we have a huge collection of Holi songs. Think of a Holi song. Quick, Quick, I know what you have in your mind. Yes the first song that comes to your mind is Rang Barse. Imagine a Holi party without this song.Oh! Your party would be incomplete without it. Nothing can beat the magic of Rang Barse from the Silsila. Post Silsila Chopras continued with Holi Numbers is many films. Be it O dekho Holi aayi in Mashaal or the Ang se ang lagana in Darr. Aditya Chopra followed the foot steps of his father. His film Mohabbatein had an elaborate Holi song and dance sequence. Holi khere raghubeera featuring Mr.Bachchan and Hema Malini from Ravi Chopra’s Baghban made it to the hit list. Last Holi song that I can remember is Lets play Holi again from Amitabh starrer Waqt – Race against time.

And we are done with the recipe. Add a splash of color of your choice and relish it. Happy Holi!

Holi khere raghubeera……………


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